December, 2020

This project was developed by the Square Dance History Project to honor the members of the Square Dance Hall of Fame and to give greater visibility to their portraits by Gene Anthony.

Project coordinator: David Millstone

Website design: Barb Ackemann, Iris Lines Web Design

Photographs of the Hall of Fame portraits and Lloyd Shaw bust: Peter Esherick, assisted by Donna Bauer, Dan Matthews, and Skyler

Additional assistance with this project:
Dana Castner Brock, Cal Campbell, Scott Castner, Debbie Ceder, Lew and Enid Cocke, Chris Kermiet, Bill Litchman, Stig Malmo, Jim Mayo, Paul Moore, Tony Parkes, Gardner Patton, Nathalie Proulx, Buddy Weaver, Johnny Wedge

Financial support for the Square Dance History Project:
ARTS-Dance, CALLERLAB, Country Dance and Song Society, and the Lloyd Shaw Foundation.