Bob Van Antwerp, 1970

Bob Osgood's text as it appeared in
Sets in Order / Square Dancing magazine

Bob Van Antwerp
Perhaps the all-time record for callers clinics was set by our “cover caller” Bob Van Antwerp recently when he was contacted by a New England callers association to do a Sunday evening workshop. Having completed his regular Friday and Saturday night calling chores in Long Beach, California, Bob boarded a jet in Los Angeles at 9 AM on Sunday morning. By 5 PM he had arrived in Connecticut. By seven he had started his three hour workshop. At 10:30 the committee whisked him back to the airport for his midnight return flight to Los Angeles.

This was but one of the lifetime of memories held by our “cover caller.” Long a leader in square dancing, Bob somehow manages to sandwich his calling and his frequent weekend junkets across the country with his full-time responsibilities as Assistant Director of Recreation for the City of Long Beach, California. The countless records, the hours spent in training new callers, the days devoted to institutes and clinics have all left the Van Antwerp stamp of accomplishment among dancers around the world.

(Square Dancing, January, 1970)

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