Melton Luttrell, 1977

Bob Osgood's text as it appeared in
Sets in Order / Square Dancing magazine

Melton Luttrell
The Sets in Order American Square Dance Society takes pride this month in announcing that Texas caller Melton Luttrell has been elected into the Square Dance Hall of Fame. At the ceremonies in the Society’s headquarters in Los Angeles on September 15, an oil painting of Luttrell especially created by noted artist Gene Anthony was added to the growing collection that line the walls.

Luttrell, a leader in the activity for a quarter of a century, has been identified with Callerlab – the International Association of Square Dance Callers, as a member of its Board of Governors and as chairman of its Halls for Square Dancing Committee. As a home-club caller, Melton has created a spirit of friendliness and cooperation in his neighboring square dance activities. As a traveling caller and a recording artist, he has contributed greatly to the world square dance scene.

He has encouraged young callers coming into the field of square dancing and has instilled in them a spirit of cooperation and friendliness. It is estimated that no fewer than 9,000 dancers have attended the classes he conducts in the Fort Worth area. From these classes, which are held on a continuing basis – one starting as the previous one is completed – and which average between 50 and 85 couples in size, many are still dancing after 18 years or more.

He takes a realistic approach to the activity, believing that square dancing is not for everyone. He avoids pushing any dancer into club leadership or to a point beyond which he or she wishes to go. Luttrell’s theory is to let the dancer enjoy the activity.

It is because of his attitude, his leadership and his many other accomplishments over the years that the American Square Dance Society Hall of Fame Selection Board has extended this honor to Melton. As in the past, in honoring an individual the Society also pays tribute to the caller’s partner, in this case to Sue Luttrell. Congratulations!

(Square Dancing, October, 1977)

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