Bob Page, 1970

Bob Osgood's text as it appeared in
Sets in Order / Square Dancing magazine

Bob Page
This past month the breezes off the West coast of Mexico were filled with captivating sounds of American square dancing. Seventy dancers from many states accompanied Bob and Nita Page on the modern cruise ship Princess Carla, literally setting a new world record of sorts as they square danced their way down the Pacific coastline. Square dance adventuring is no new role for the Pages and if the title Ambassador-at-Large could be conferred upon square dancers, certainly the Pages would be strong contenders. Several years ago, with a number of squares of dancers, the Pages toured through Europe. A year or so later, their good-will visit took them to Japan and the Orient where they had a firsthand opportunity to “meet the people” and represent square dancers everywhere. As a valuable part of this calling team, Nita Page has more than done her share in winning friends for square dancing. In recent years, Bob’s teaching and calling ability has left its mark on hundreds of callers in institutes throughout Canada and the United States. His services as square dance editor for this publication, and the Pages’ presence at many square dance institutes each year have made the Page name a byword in the square dance language. And so for the many contributions they have made over the past decade to this activity, not the least of which are their yearly Yule visits to Taos, New Mexico, loaded with gifts from square dancers for the Indian children, we salute the Pages and present Gene Anthony’s charcoal sketch of Bob on our cover, adding it to the growing Square Dance Hall of Fame.

(Square Dancing, August, 1970)

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