Dick Leger, 1978

Bob Osgood's text as it appeared in
Sets in Order / Square Dancing magazine

Dick Leger
The American Square Dance Society this month salutes New England caller Dick Leger and in a simple ceremony January 17 at the Society’s headquarters in Los Angeles, adds his portrait to the Square Dance Hall of Fame.

Dick is one of those individuals who has successfully bridged the transition of American square dancing from the traditional to the contemporary. Long an advocate of the importance of dancing to music, Dick has not only instilled this in his dancers but has successfully interjected this into contemporary calling and dancing. Not so well known outside his New England area, Dick’s influence is strongly felt by many dancers who have learned to square dance through callers that Dick has trained in his yearly callers’ schools. A gentle person, Dick is also a showman. Accompanying himself on the guitar, his main objective seems to be to provide enjoyment, to avoid overcomplication and to project a spirit of contagious pleasure in all those with whom he comes in contact.

His score card of achievements are many. As a recording artist, a member and committee head of Callerlab, supporter of square dance activities within the areas in which he comes in contact and as a supporter of all that is good in this activity, it is easy to see that Dick is a logical choice to be honored in this manner. The portrait above and also featured on the cover of this issue is a replica of the oil painting produced by renowned California artist Gene Anthony who has been commissioned to do the portraits of all Hall of Fame members.

As is always the case, in honoring the caller we also pay a special tribute to the caller’s partner. In this case our salute also goes to Sue Leger, a part of the team.

(Square Dancing, February, 1978)

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