Frank Lane, 1970

Bob Osgood's text as it appeared in
Sets in Order / Square Dancing magazine

Frank Lane
But for one of those quirks in life that directs our destinies, our Cover Caller might be sitting behind the desk as city editor or publisher of some large daily newspaper. Frank graduated from the University of Kansas where he majored in advertising and journalism. He served with the 15th Air Force as a pilot in Italy during World War II and like many returning veterans, once the war ended, began searching for the direction to
which his life’s work would lead him.

Born in Kansas, raised in Missouri, Frank got his first taste of square dancing while still in high school and in 1948, having discovered the pleasures that men and women enjoyed from participating in square dancing, he decided to take up calling himself. The balance of the story is well known to most square dancers, as over the years Frank has called in most of the United States and in Canada. His records have set standards of excellence on the several labels for which he has recorded, and his presence at festivals, round-ups, conventions and vacation institutes has been enjoyed by thousands of dancers. Today Frank and Barbara Lane spend a good part of the year traveling from one coast to the other, but all summer their time is directed to their square dance “home,” a hall in Estes Park, Colorado where hundreds of dancers from all parts of the country come to visit and to dance. Because of the part he has played in the growth of contemporary square dancing, we add Frank Lane to the Square Dance Hall of Fame and place this month’s Gene Anthony cover portrait of Frank on display in the Sets in Order American Square Dance Society Hall in Los Angeles, California.

(Square Dancing, December, 1970)

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